Green Building and Environmental friendly initiatives at Campus

Campus setting & infrastructure of IIMA Campus has been built to suit the environmental friendliness by renowned architects. Main Heritage campus has been designed by American architect- Mr Louis Isadore Kahn. Notable features of Campus settings & infrastructure areas as under:

  • Ratio of open space area toward total area of campus is more than 80%.
  • Nearly 30% of campus area is covered under vegetation.
  • Good number of very important & basic Green Building initiatives have been incorporated by the architects both in the Heritage campus (old campus) & New Campus.
  • Rich architectural features like interplay of light and shade, the spacious corridors, the open spaces, the well laid out green lawns lined by brick paths, and the multitude of arches supporting the structures (exclusively in Heritage Campus), all contribute to the Green building & environmental friendly experience.

Subsequently, undermentioned measures have been adopted towards Green Building & Environment:

  • A well laid rain water harvesting system for ground water recharge has been designed & adopted so as to cover maximum area on campus for water absorption.
  • Roof-top solar heaters have been installed in the majority of student’s dorms for heating the water replacing the electrical heating.
  • All conventional Lighting fixtures across the Campus have been replaced with LED type to save the electrical power consumption.
  • Convectional water supply appliances are replaced/ being replaced with advanced Water saving appliances to save the water.
  • Modern Irrigation Systems like Drip & Sprinkler are being used to irrigate the major lawns & other vegetation in Campus.
  • Latest smart building technics have been adopted in the recently innovated Library Building consisting of 48000 SFt built up area. Also these smart building technics are being incorporated in existing old building structures in phases (in the areas where ever possible & feasible).
  • A Solar Power plant with estimated capacity of 365 kWp is being installed in the campus. Tenders have finalized & work of project will begin soon.
  • To reduce the carbon foot prints in the campus, bicycles are provided on nominal rent for the usage of students & other residents of campus.
  • Organic Waste Composter(OWC)machine, Vermi-culture pits, Bio-gas units are installed in the campus which treat/decompose the organic waste generated in the campus. Decomposed product from these units works as manure which is used to fertilize the garden areas of campus.
  • Simultaneously, a comprehensive project is in implementation to reduce, segregate & recycle overall waste generated in the campus.
  • Grown-up trees in the campus during Project building expansions are avoided from cutting & felling. They are translocated from upcoming project areas to safer boundary areas using scientific methods. An advanced tree translocator machine is also occasionally hired from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to translocate the mentioned trees.
  • Bee Hive Boxes installed in the Campus Nursery- Boxes are procured from KVIC (Khadi Village & Industries Commission). The initiative has been undertaken to conserve honey bees which are important pollinators for many plants and have many other benefits.
  • Trees (small or big) from the project areas have been successfully translocated to vacant areas. As per the Tree Surveillance report of New Campus, 58.6% (132 out of 225) of translocated trees have sprouted new leaves.

New expansion & construction works will have under mentioned Green & Smart Building components:

  • VRF type HVAC (Air Conditioning).
  • Majority of building material used for construction will be IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) approved material.
  • BIMS will be incorporated for monitoring all parameters of Energy Efficiency & better control.

in association with , Prakriti, Nature and Sustainability Club